57 South Cherry Street  .  Galesburg, IL 61401  (309) 344 - 4480
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Welcome to Cherry Street
Where friends come to meet!
Cherry Street is one of the most popular places to go for food, drinks and entertainment in Galesburg, IL.  
Stan and Louella Devlin invite you to join them and experience the best food and friendly service you'll find!   
Also you might just come across our resident ghost of Cherry Street who has been named Roxy.  It is alleged that Roxy was found dead in her bathtub.  It is said that she and maybe some of her friends roam the building at all hours and some have heard and seen proof of it.  
There have never been any reports of violence by our resident ghost, only fun little tricks on people. There might be times when you can feel her presence too and if you get enough spirits in you, you might also believe in Roxy!!
Lou, Stan and Staff thank you for your continued support at Cherry Street and we hope you enjoy your experience with us!  

Here are a few of the pictures we've captured of of our resident ghosts!!​  There was a paranormal investigation held on July 10th and again by another group as well.  We have been officially deemed as haunted!  We will reveal more around Halloween time...
Here is a link to the latest finding on our ghostly friends at Cherry Street!!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULz56-DPbL0
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